The Makings of a Movement: Who Am I?

Who Am I?
I am Troy and, I am a business owner.  And Falling Black in Love, LLC is an actual thing.  But people would be terribly surprised at how I got to this point.  Sometimes, I have to step back, remove myself from me (you read that right), and examine me through the eyes of other people.  I guess I can see why some would think I am “on my grind,” or that I am making moves.  The truth of the matter is, where I stand today does not even begin to compare to where I lay just one year ago. 
But before I get into all of that, I need you to know a few things: I am a man on a mission. For the better part of my life, I have allowed myself to operate in spaces that weren’t necessarily for me.  I was molded into a figure that, as I grew older, realized that I was not interested in being molded.  I finally reached a point in my life (somewhere in my mid-twenties) where the “fuck it” mentality took over and I truly, and without a shadow of any doubt, stopped walking in the shoes laid out for me and, instead, high stepped in the opposite direction.
MEBDKX is where you’ll feelwho I am.  This blog will be a little bit of some of everything; if it were a food; it would be jambalaya.  Somma dis…Soma dat.  Natural hair for Black men.  The Makings of a Movement and my quest to rebuild Black Wal-street one brick at a time.  Poetry.  Foolishness seeped in Intellectualism. Intellectualism marred by foolishness.  MEBDKX is, in the words of TL,  a “conscious creative writing exposition. “
So who am I?
I am dynamic. 
I am passionate.
I am intricate.
I am not your mama’s idea of a Black Man.
I am grand.
I am love.
I am an enigma.

I am a Pharoah-In-Training.
I am whomever I choose to be at that moment I choose to be it.
I am Marcus E. B. DuKing X.
Who, shall I ask, are you?


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